Farsi Version oct15 2


The Magic Jax continues her success with a second place stage finish into the pretty seacoast village of Methana. Ironically the ‘idiot navigator’ had missed a turn in the mountains chatting with the beautiful driver.  This had put us so far behind in a rather quick connecting section that we arrived at the start of the timed stage after the first five cars had already started at their one minute intervals just in front of the Red Devil team who again helpfully waved us straight through instead of stopping. So we blasted through a standing start and the brilliant Jax figured out on the fly how fast we had to go to make up time and still finish near the perfect time. One second!

Only one second off of the perfect time for our best stage finish of the entire rally of nearly 30 stages so far. Our friends in the BMW with Miltos piloting and Petros manning the stopwatch got first place for the stage. We beat all of the top teams including the Red Devils who continue in second place over all. Ha!

Impressively the black 1967 Corvette Stingray finished only one second behind us for a third on the stage in their first day of the rally. Another ten or so cars have joined the original 15 for the last two days of the rally in the area that is a favorite haunt of holidaying Athenians in the old coastal capitol city of Nafpoli.

We crisscrossed the mountains going from coast to coast today at least four times on mountain goat roads. The scenery is just stunning with azure seas competing with the blue skies while we zig-zagged up and down vertiginous mountain roads.

The Jax mantra of the day was ‘lets bury these monkeys’! The lovely Miss Jax’s gentle demeanor hides a razor sharp intellect and a hard edged competitive streak.

The historic tour of the day was the enchanting Epidavros, the origin of both medicine and psychology. With hundreds of rooms for treatment in 400 BC they realized that the mind played as important a part in recovery as the body. This lead them to build an amphitheater for plays and music to challenge and relax patients.

The amphitheater was buried by an earthquake of dirt that preserved it intact for 1500 years before being excavated in the 1800’s over the course of 35 years. This included finding one of the only intact statues with head and arms from ancient Greece. Today it is used by the finest actors in Greece for Classic Greek plays and it is considered a great honor to be invited to perform. Families bring children to expose them to the great concepts of Greek literature from their earliest years. Kevin Spacey performed

Eerily the acoustics from the stage are so perfect that a whisper can be heard perfectly by 15,000 people in the stands. Scientists even today can’t explain with the modern technology how this was accomplished on such a grand scale. Our guide had us stand in a 50 foot wide circle and clap our hands first loudly and then as gently as possible. We could hear every one individually and with a harmonic side effect we could feel the pressure waves bouncing back from the claps.

The entire area is sacred to the Greeks and it is an extremely peaceful area.

We finished up the day with a walk around the beautiful harbor city of Nafpoli and a private tour of the Folklore museum with dinner. Afterwards Jax led a Pied Piper group of about fifteen of us to the best gelato store in town. She was first in line so technically she had a first place stage finish.

Score for the day 10th place; New Friends 5