The year is coming to an end, your CineCars reporters glance back at 2016 and look forward to 2017. Together they see you through the dark and merry days to a shiny New Year.

Every now and then you wish e-mail, WhatsApp nor Facebook could find you. In my case the peace and quiet was shattered by our CineCars chief editor asking me to write a little story about Frenky’s 2016. Something like that. Well, we’re still a traveling circus hovering from expo to expo throughout the BeNeLux. Moving house seems to be my favourite pass time. In 2016 we visited a remarbable amount of Italy orientated events, which give away my personal preference. I did find some real gems, be assured.

At the yearly event of the Dutch Alfa Romeo owners club at circuit Zandvoort I unexpectedly scored some very special books. Do I buy books as well? At the moment I open my stall I’m offered some very nice examples. In the back of a magnificent Bertone I’m presented with a stack of Ferrari maintenance and hand books. A good deal is struck soon. Two happy faces. The pit box I’m in gets crowded pretty fast and before I know it the topic is Alfa, Maserati and all the other beauties from the Italian boot. It’s never a dull day at an Alfa event, meeting up with lots of old aquantances. Out of the blue a very neat old Alfa Zagato book comes within my reach. The book man doesn’t think twice.

Enjoying the magnificent Alfa Zagato book at home I can’t but conclude that this gem is entitled to a better destiny than being put up for grabs in the web store. I advertise it directly to my Alfa connections and within days I’m offered a swap for a nice Ferrari book, limited edition and out of print. The best thing being the Alfa book will find its way between rows of exclusive limited edition Ferrari books. Where your car friends happen to have a treasure chest that takes your breath away. Even better when you are invited to take a look and have a chat about vintage Ferrari’s. To discover a special cabinet with books signed by Enzo Ferrari him self. Which takes us straight to Ferrari Francorchamps and the beautiful private collection of Jacques Swaters. Where I saw drivers licenses, passports and lots more private stuff of Enzo Ferrari. And yes, we do have the much sought after book signed by Jacques Swaters. Recently I heard a great story on the Ferrari 456 in ‘Swaters blue’. The car still exist and just maybe there might be a nice story about that to be published in the future.

It isn’t always that easy to find something original for myself, but a while ago I stumbled upon a very remarkable model. A mint Alfa Zagato in original box. I’m truly pleased with a cool find like this. The Zagato is now shining amidst the other Alfa models and next year she’ll travel with me to decorate the Zagato books on offer. This piece is too much Alfa orientated as it is. It’s so hard to choose between Alfa and Lancia. Lancia africanado Dick recently showed me their latest find, the incredibly beautyful Astura. What an astonishing car. I secretly hope I’ll get the chance for a ride to let my hair hang out come this summer. It’s always nice to have a long chat with the ‘Lancists’.

To end I offer you the cherry on the cake in the form of Pegaso, Los Automoviles PEGASO y sys Protagonistas. Indeed, in Spanish, good for my languages. I’m not putting this one up for sale just yet, I want to enjoy this great Spanish make myself for a while. Come and visit us in 2017 at one of the many venues Frenky puts up his stall and discover the world of car books for yourself.

Best wishes and a healthy 2017!

Frank de Veer
Frenky Autodokumentatie