goodwood-carparc-2-12flag_cinecars_dutchThe checkered flag finishes the last race, the curtain closes, darkness falls. The 2016 Goodwood Revival is history. What remains is the hunkering for more, for next year.

We shipped Robbert Moree to the British isles for his annual slice of Goodwood Revival. Three long days he reported on the ‘most beautiful event on historic racing’ for the CineCars website. Whilst Robbert and his Volvo slowly float back to the continent, he, completely  unnecessary tries to convince us one last time of the Goodwood Revival’s supremacy.

goodwood-carparc-2-31This year I spoke with quite a few Brits and non-islanders about what makes the Goodwood Revival as special as it is. Of course the possible answers were the main subject. It can’t be just the history of the track, Le Mans or Spa for example have the same pedigree. It can’t be the presence of a stately manor, Het Loo or Schloss Dyck are equally beautiful. It could be the combination of both, a stunning estate with its own racing track. You won’t find that anywhere else. It could be, but we all think alike, there is more than meets the eye.


goodwood-carparc-2-7The first few years the Revival was a mainly British party. Only after a while it got in the open that those British were building quite the extraordinary party amongst themselves. That soon attracted other nationalities, the Dutch included. Who ever you talk to, the common opinion states over and over again that the Goodwood Revival is what it is because of that typical British eccentricity. Or, to be blunt, those British can be truly bonkers. They long back to the good old days and take it bloody seriously to bring back those times. The Dutch might long back to times gone by every now and then, but they won’t collectively dress up in last centuries clothes for one. Nowhere else retro shops are being created, historic police forces are put together or classic transport is obligatory. All these ingredients together, the historic track, the estate, the British and the elaborate custom dress party, make the Goodwood Revival what it is. It is so good to be part of it!

goodwood-carparc-2-20That truly British feeling surprises me every morning when I arrive at the estate. This year I brought my red 1977 Volvo 245L. It’s the first time I travelled this far in it, but passing the ultimate Goodwood engine overheating test on Friday gives confidence for the future. Because of some misunderstandings and an ambulance having to use the same lane in the opposite direction the traffic jam to the parking site on the meadows surrounding the estate took about an hour. Many of the British cars suffered overheating, gladly the Volvo didn’t. The second day I find parking space on the classic car park, where I drown in British hospitality. Many have their breakfast picknick style on arrival. My neighbours invite me to a glass of Champagne for letting them park next to one another. An excellent start of another ultimate British day. Might you be planning to visit Goodwood one day, just remember that tickets are usually sold out in june and hotel rooms are all gone way before that. The early bird is the winner here.
Text and pictures: Robbert Moree
Translation: Marc GF Zaan