IMG_0810Tempi Bui | Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana | Ep5The history of a modern state explained through the used police cars, that’s the surprising angle of the five episode series Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana.

These are times of fear and social and political unrest. History repeating itself? With ‘Le Pantere della Polizia Italiana’ CineCars digs deep into the origin of the 20th century western society. Society as we know it is being threatened by mechanisms we individuals can’t grasp. In 2016 the CineCars community made its very first longer documentary. A movie on the rise of modern Italy in post second world war Europe. An intriguing story on the impact of fear and terror on a society in full expansion. On geo-political development, crime and not least the role of the fast growing automobility. Because we should take lessons out of the things that passed.

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deel 5.Copy.01Times they are a changing. Italy is taken over by a rage unknown to modern society. Social unrest explodes into the faces of law enforcement. This is a whole new threat to the republic. Terrorism keeps the country in a tight grip, asking for rapid change in the way law is enforced. Communication, now enabling rapid assistance, brings an end to the long distance pursuits Italian police was renowned for. The agile little Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 is the answer to the new set task. Combining durability with the agility to move fast in urban areas made it the car of choice for over twenty years. CineCars shows you how times have changed.

Tempi Bui | Le Pantere Della Polizia Italiana | Ep5

deel 5.Copy.21It is the ultimate patrol car, this Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600. Its small boxy four door body is spacious, yet agile and fast. This is the ideal intervention vehicle. There whenever you need it. At your Service! The lates in radio equipment makes sure the dispatch will have a patrol car at the scene of the crime within minutes. The olive green Giulia’s are everywhere, fighting the new invisible enemy with an effort as fierce as its opponents new weapon of choice, fear. With the Giulia the Polizia di Stato became a force to be reckoned with, weather you are a small time pickpocket, a hardened villain or a political terrorist. In todays Italy there’ll be a Giulia on your tail wherever you go.

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