IMG_5876A DS in the FamilyIn 1955 the Citroën DS was introduced at the Paris Motorshow. A car that rocked the (automotive) world. So different to what the world had seen up till then, that it became an instant design icon. Imagine the moment of introduction with the eyes of the 1950’s motorist. Keeping in mind the way cars looked and functioned until that very moment. It’s no less than spectacular. The introduction of the Citroën DS struck the world with an unknown force. Hence the nickname ‘La Bombe Citroën’!

Even by today’s standards it’s still a modern car with an enormous fanbase around the world. Among those father and son Tibor and Milan. When Tibor reminisces on his earliest childhood memories, the DS is always there. This characteristic car became a fixed value in his life. No surprise Milan couldn’t escape growing up with the love for Citroën and the DS in particular. Together they share this automotive passion. 

1276862_620330701353109_453443834_oFilled with pride Tibor talks about his son and the fact they share the love for cars and DS’s in particular. In 2006 they bought their first shared DS. Completely restored by a seller that parted with his car very reluctantly. 21 year old Milan knows everything there is to know about the model and could go on for hours on every detail of the cars unique construction. Join Milan in his tour around the specific details of their DS and the DS overall, while Tibor drives us around. The smile on his face while taking a speed bump says it all. Father and son have a shared hobby, all caused by grandpa’s DS.


The DS, déesse or goddes has many nicknames in as many different languages. As goddess of the motorway everyone recognises the DS. Next to its shape the DS is known for it’s innovative engineering in which the unique hydraulic system plays a key role. For outsiders it has always been a spectacular sight to watch what happens when a hydropneumatic Citroën is started up. At first the car is completely slammed to the floor until the hydraulics kick in and the car elegantly rises to the desired ride hight. 


Besides the fact that it is a very pretty sight, the hydropneumatic suspension gives the DS a magnificently comfortable ride. Inside the DS the hydraulic system is linked to a whole range of functions. The DS’s twin sister ID is the simplified version, sharing the comfortable ride and unique bodystyle but lacks on power steering, servo assisted brakes and of course the hydraulically operated semi-automatic gearbox.

1292893_620327404686772_150978775_oThe DS range consisted of the ‘Berline’ like shown in the video, but Citroën also sold station wagons and a cabriolet of the DS. The factory convertible was actually made by Henri Chapron. The famous French coach builder in turn created some very exclusive DS based coupe’s and convertibles under his own brand. Nowadays these cars are worth a small fortune. Holland has a very large quotum of the beautiful DS and ID models, many of these are still used as daily drivers, although more and more of the really nice examples are being collected and used for show only.

Enjoy a video on history and passion for the Citroën ID DS. Father and son will tell you a proud story of ‘La Bombe Citroën’!

Dennis Rietveld