IMG_2973flag_cinecars_dutchThe West Sussex Goodwood Motor Circuit is the holy grail for every genuine car addict. It’s Walhalla for petrol sniffing blokes. Of course Goodwood is mostly known for events like the Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival, but here at CineCars we chose to visit the Goodwood Breakfast Club.

IMG_3122Throughout the year five Sunday mornings, always the first of a month, you’ll find the circuit providing a decent English breakfast for car loving Brits. And we’re not just talking eggs, bacon and beans stroking your taste buts, there is enough to enjoy for the eye and ear as well. Every one of these Sundays has its own theme, this time it’s ‘Full Throttle – The endles pursuit of power’. Goodwood takes an advance on the Festival of Speed, putting a whole array of super cars on display. It’s a breakfast meeting and that is just what it is. A meeting of cars and their enthousiasts. Walking around, watching, talking to the owners, kick some tires and pop some bonnets.

IMG_2950Breakfast is an early morning activity, so visitors have to get up even earlier to get in line at the gates. A fifteen minute drive takes us from the campsite to the parking lot at Goodwood. At first you think you’ve already entered the event, since it is packed with exotic cars. The Brits like their cars anyway, on the road you’ll find the most interesting vehicles hurl by on a regular basis. Because of this love for cars and the excellent weather this breakfast meeting is rather crowded. Despite the early hours, it’s only seven, the row of vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, heading for the circuit seems endless.

IMG_3136One you finally get to the circuit your eyes pop out with amazement. One supercar after the other is lined up on the straight and in the paddock. The organization managed to gather a very interesting spread of vehicles. Something old, something, well a lot, new. Being classic car enthousiasts mostly, we won’t pull up our nose to a great McLaren, the latest model the factory has on offer. We find Zonda’s, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Lotuses, Jaguars, Aston Martins, TVR’s, Noble’s… The list has no end to it. Piece de resistance might well be the twenty first century Bugatti.

IMG_2976Luckily there are loads of beautiful classics to admire too. Two cars left of the modern Bugatti, we find one from the last century. We watch the owner start it; building up fuel pressure by hand first, adjusting the timing advance, before cranking the thing to life. Amazing! We’ve never seen a real life Jaguar XJ220 either, nor is a Ford GT40 (a real one, not a replica) a car we’d shrug our shoulders to. We make like three laps around that gorgeous Lamborghini Silhouette of which only 54 were built during the seventies. Looking at al this beauty, adding the engine roars of those who can’t resist to rev their engines every now and then, is more than sufficient to mend our souls from heaving to get up this early.

IMG_3087The greatest thing about this event is that it is completely free. Every participant is there just for show and the companionship. Goodwood provides, that’s it. You’ll often find events like these flooded with commercial activity, spoiling the atmosphere. None of that here. The entire thing has a natural flow that makes you forget time until the end signal gets you out of the dream in quite a harsh way. It makes you forget you’ve been there for almost four hours.

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Report an Photographs: Martin Philippo
Translation: Marc Zaan