An Extremely Fast LetterboxWhenever we’re talking sporty cars, it’s impossible to get passed Alfa Romeo. Very clever engineering in the most appealing of bodyworks. Alfisti are contaminated with the common Alfa virus, one they’ll never get rid off. In Alfa Romeo’s very rich heritage the Milan based company produced a lot of beautiful, fast and extraordinary cars.

An Extremely Fast LetterboxAlfa’s DNA has been filled to the brim with sporty genes since the very beginning. In 1963 they introduced the Giulia Sprint GT. A rear wheel drive car with a potent 1600 cc twin carburator engine, disc brakes all around and a well balanced chassis all embodied in an especially stylish and elegant body.
The coachbuilder was Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone. This first Giulia Sprint GT and its successors are known amongst the enthousiasts as the Alfa Bertone. A powerful, but at the same time very elegant design. The first series had a horizontal opening in between the front and the bonnet. This little design detail got it its nickname ‘the letterbox’.

An Extremely Fast Letterbox

An Extremely Fast LetterboxErwin Arentsen loves these letterboxes and the sporty characteristics of these little Alfa’s. As a true enthousiast he owned quite a few Alfa Romeo’s of the so called 105 series. He drove them, enjoyed them and sold them on. Within his ever changing collection this particular GT Junior in ‘Pino Verde’ has a very unique position. This is the car that will stay! Since Erwin bought the car in 2008 it lost most of its original features in an attempt to modify it both technically and esthetically to his personal wishes and needs. During the elaborate restoration and modification the starting point was the original 1965 GTA. But slightly different!


The GTA is the most sporty member of Alfa’s Bertone line. With aluminium body panels, lightweight parts and a powerful twin overhead cam Twinspark engine, the GTA played an huge part in the motorsport successes of the brand. For racing the cars were modified and lightened even further at Autodelta, Alfa Romeo’s motorsport division. Since its introduction in 1965, the GTA became a huge succes, making it a very valuable car today. The GTA is a great source of inspiration for many an Alfa Romeo enthousiast that wants to give his Bertone just that whiff of ‘GTA-DNA’. That is why so many Bertone’s are being transformed optically and technically in true GTA style.

An Extremely Fast Letterbox

1890352_709717422414436_1347424564_oThe original setup of this here GT Junior didn’t live up to Erwins expectations. It had to be a little faster, sharper and useable in daily traffic as well as on the track. It all worked out extremely well, except for the ‘a little faster’. We can claim without a doubt that this thing is ‘a lot’ faster. His wishes to combine modern engineering in an old body shell has been realised in a very successful way. With his kwowledge, skill and connections he managed to build an extremely fast, agile and razor sharp handling Alfa. Completely modified and with that alluring GTA look.


In Alfa Romeo’s history the ‘standard’ models have always been the starting point for companies like Autodelta to create lighter and faster versions. Never without merit and always prolonging  on previous successes. That’s exactly what Erwin did with his car. Respecting the original characteristics of the car by merely evolving on its development. That’s how he created a fairly modern GTA. Incredibly fast and stunningly beautiful.
Dennis Rietveld