Jax drove the whole day with three different timed stages and cut off times to get to various destinations. We moved up a place to finish 9th overall and 2nd in our category. Well to be fair there only seem to be two cars in our category which is determined by the age of the cars not horse power or displacement.

We wound through valley roads today near Nafplio on our way to one of the most famous sites in Greece. Mycenae is the seat of Agamemnon’s kingdom who went to war for ten years over Helen of Troy. Until recently these were considered just legends but when Heinrich Schliemann found numerous grave sites and 30 pounds of gold jewelry and masks in just 14 weeks of digging he declared that he had “gazed upon the face of Agememnon”.

We continued to make more new friends among the teams that just joined the tour on Wed. including Nico and Kostis driving a white 1973 Alfa Romero GT. They won a stage or two so now we have to deal with not only the Red Devils but the White Devils.  Their wins were not enough to unseat the Red Devils who finished 2nd overall. Good job for them in their very first rally and the Mini Boys came out on top, again.

A visit to a winery was impressive for how new everything was including a bottling machine that can run through 5,000 bottles an hour.

We finished on a funny note since right after the final timed section Jax was passing a truck when I said ‘What’s that noise?’ She said I am not getting any power and sure enough we coasted to the side of the road in the shade of one of the only trees in the area. Every car behind us in the rally stopped to help until the BMW boys, who finished 6th overall, stopped since the MGB belongs to the co-driver Petros.

Turns out the fuel pump fuse had burned out…no one had any spare fuses….but in the serendipity of the whole happy trip we were less than a 100 meters from a garage that was completely out of sight of us but which Petros knew the owner mechanic….in less than 25 minutes over all we were on our way and finished with a triumphant  toot of the horn.

Score: 9th place overall finish: New Friends over 20 with half a dozen invites to visit Greece again.

We win because we are going to take all of them up on those invitations.