Driving the SnakeAmanda Wubbe is young and a little wild. Just like her Ford Shelby Mustang GT350. From Ponycar to venomous snake with one toe on the loud pedal.

The last fifty years or so Carroll Shelby had a big influence on race car design and motorsports as a whole. Starting as an amateur he quickly becomes a member of the Aston Martin and Maserati racing teams of the fifties and sixties. After his career as racing driver he starts a racing school and the Shelby-American Company. Here he designs and builds his well known AC Cobra’s around AC cars chassis’ and Ford engines. Eventually becoming the leading man in the American car industry when it comes to speed and performance. Sounding victories and of course beating Enzo Ferrari on the track turn him into an icon even outside the United States.

Driving the Snake


The son of a postman from Texas, Carroll Shelby attends high school in Dallas. During World War 2 he serves as a flying instructor and test pilot. Once back home in Texas he takes up his livelihood as an entrepreneur in tipper trucks, a chicken farmer and the owner of a sports car dealership. When one day all of his chickens die of the Limberneck disease, Shelby turns to the automotive world for good. Carroll Shelby’s colourful personality and common background make him an all time American hero. One day he is working so late, there is no time left to change before the race. His blue farmers overalls will become his trademark as a racing driver. Even when in 1959 he races the Aston Martin DBR1 he shares with Roy Salvadori to victory at Le Mans.

Driving the Snake

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In 1965 the Shelby Mustang is born. A Ford Mustang with all the typical Shelby upgrades. Not simply a few stickers and badges, but a complete package of adjustments and improvements. The production runs for only five years; from 1965 until 1968 at Shelby Automobiles, at the Ford factory in Dearborn for 1969 and 1970. In 2003 Carroll Shelby returns to Ford as technical advisor on the development of the new Ford GT. In 2005 he is involved in the latest Shelby GT, again based on the Ford Mustang. In 2012 he dies at age 89. Leaving a gap no one will ever be able to fill.


Being the daughter of a car dealer, Amanda Wubbe grows up amongst cars of al kind. It doesn’t take long to realise the Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 is her match made in heaven. The Shelby does speak for itself, the GT350 fits Amanda like a glove. Just like the Amerika of the nineteen sixties. A lifestyle where a car represents a large portion of personal freedom. Amanda’s Shelby is authentic, no replica or heavily tuned runabout. It is remarkable and special to say the least, that this Grabber Blue Shelby still gets the rough treatment it was designated to when it first left the Dearborn plant in 1969.
Marc GF Zaan

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