The nickname of the car in this video might well be as legendary as the car itself. The true enthousiast immediately knows we are talking about the Ferrari 365 GT 2+2.

When the British magazine ‘Race and Track portrayed Ferrari’s former mothership as ‘The Queen Mother of Ferrari’s’, no one could apprehend that fifty odd years their witticism would still be used. ‘Queen Mary’ became the nickname embraced by the incrowd. These are gracious names for a car from an extremely important era for the famous Italian make. Nicknames that bring the car more character than the combination of numbers and letters Ferrari chose to denominate his cars with from the beginning. However, compared to the more sporty nephews in the 365 range, the GT 2+2 is a genuine battleship. Long, large and pretty heavy for a Ferrari, but with ample space for four, a distinguished appearance and the powerful V12 that gives it more than enough grunt.

Best of CC - Driving Queen Mary


The 365 GT 2+2 is a car built with the emphasis on more comfort and drivability. Not sporty persé, but still very, very fast. Less compromises and thus a real GT car. Design, but mostly the sheer size of the car, usually avert love at first sight. This is more the kind of car you fall in love with the longer you look at it and start appreciating its curves. That and  the power of that phenomenally well developed V12 that brought Ferrari so many successes in the era. A true classic.

In a workshop in the abstemious provincial Dutch town of Deventer we find ourselves a little piece of Italy, where passion and an eye for quality, detail, finish and originality is standard while working on the likes of classic Ferrari’s and Maserati’s. Mervin Lapré is a young entrepreneur with an above average passion for classic Italian cars. He works on cars that were usually worn out long before he even was born. It is a pleasure to see how the knowledge and skill to maintain and rebuild these both mechanically and design wise very complex cars is mastered by a younger generation and a true professional like Mervin. Around the workshop several engines are undergoing professional rebuilds, all of them telling their very own story. The technique and the tight tolerances of these engines require specialist skills that Mervin acquired as an apprentice with renowned specialists around the world. This combined with his gut feeling, knowledge and passion for beautiful engineering make sure you get the feeling this guy knows what he is talking about. That this is the right adres to have your Italian sportswear restored or revised. For someone his age, this earns double our respect.

Best of CC - Driving Queen Mary


The passion Mervin has for the Italian thoroughbreds just oozes when he takes is for a ride in the GT 2+2. The pleasure of experiencing what a classic Ferrari V12 has to offer is something he’d like to share with everyone. Only by driving a car like this, taking the wheel and enjoying that fabulous V12 sound, you can truly understand why the world has become so impregnated by a undisputed love for Ferrari. Thru this Mervin truly regrets that this Ferrari experience isn’t something everyone can enjoy. Therefor just enjoy this video and listen to that glorious V12 sound!

Dennis Rietveld