As Strong as a LionLonger than the existence of the car brand, the well known lion has sported the products of Peugeot. Already on the tools Peugeot produced in the nineteenth century, the lion was used as their trademark. Emile Peugeot gave a clear order to a French engraver and jewelry maker to give Peugeot products a recognisable identity.

Something he clearly succeeded in. Later on, the same powerful cat decorated the products of Peugeot as a car maker as well. The trademark has since become inseparable from the Peugeot cars, making them undoubtedly a product of the Peugeot factory.

As Strong as a Lion

As Strong as a LionEdward is a true Peugeot enthousiast. Like many others he cherishes fond memories of his childhood. When he saw the older cars on the road in France during vacations, the wrecks in the gardens, his wish to one day own such a vehicle slowly arose. One thing usually leads to another and it didn’t take all that long before a classic Peugeot entered the family. It was restored, leading the way into the classic car scene.

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As Strong as a Lion

As Strong as a LionEdwards Peugeot 403 isn’t a fast car, it is built for touring. For relaxing drives in the neighbourhood or into France. In this way Edward truly got to know the ups and downs of his 403. The impact of a frontal collision left a deep impression on Edward and his family members. At these moments you’re confronted with safety features that are no longer acceptable these days. It’s when you realise we are driving cars from the past in our busy everyday traffic. For Edward this nasty experience resulted in a swift though very passive driving style. A wise lesson for every classic car enthousiast that likes to drive his piece of rolling cultural heritage of any kind.

1614192_750224381697073_5640974916184861750_oThe accident didn’t put Edward of Peugeot and since then he acquired another fine 403. Optical it’s pretty much ‘dans son jus’ as the French say, but technically it has been completely updated by this official Peugeot connoisseur. In the mean time this on the eye simple classic has been in his custody for quite some time now. Looking at it a bit closer reveals the subtile lines and hidden details of this very French saloon car. The Pininfarina bodywork isn’t half as simple as one would think. Savouring the beauty and comfort of this car Edward used it on numerous memorable voyages.

As Strong as a Lion

As Strong as a LionIn its heyday the 403 was produced in all kinds of livery. A true success number of the French car manufacturer. A saloon, break commerciale, break familiale, pick up and maybe the most well known derivate, the 403 convertible. The American whodunnit Columbo made it famous, it almost became the second lead in the programme. On the fixed top models a sliding roof was a standard luxury, except on the ‘Berline Luxe’. This budget model with the incomprehensible ‘luxury’ suffix was in fact stripped from all options, clad with cheaper materials and parts and lacked the sliding roof. Just how much character can a brand show?

10259102_750224125030432_3721742623952671215_oThe passion for Peugeot lives on with Edward. He pretty well knows how to tame Peugeots classic lions. Years of experience with these cars and a deep rooted passion for the brand make him a true enthousiast. Watch the video and enjoy, but remember, be careful with your classic and yourself!
Dennis Rietveld