A thursty UFOYou hate it or you love it. Maybe both… Rob loves classic cars with lots of character built right in. His car proudly shows it is such a style-icon,  it is an AMC Pacer. Initially it was designed to be a small, economic American car mentioned to be a counterweight for Japanese imports that were overwhelming the roads in the US in the seventies. At first glance the car  seems escaped from the popular comic “The Jetsons”. It’s futuristic design is one of the reasons the car is a cultural icon these days.

Life was not easy for AMC in the middle of the oil-crisis. The compact imported cars were heavily popular in the market.
Compared to the concept several severe consessions were made.15803620580_a9f0255605_kThe media weren’t too heplful either. Handling of this car was very bad according to some of them. Especially the design inspired many to find all sorts of nicknames. The large glass surface promised a wide view on the road but also caused nicknames like “Glassbowl on Wheels”. At all, not too positive references but this could not prevent a remarkable number of sales. The car was not an absolute blockbuster but nowadays certainly a real 70’s style icon.

The Pacer is not a dull car for sure. Rob was searching for a curiosity and it had to be in a good condition also. Father Time chewed heavily on Pacers but the long search was finally rewarded with a nice and well conserved specimen. We have to believe Rob this is an unicum because good quallity was definately not one of the Pacer’s best characteristics. A perfect mix of emotion and ratio brought two characters together.

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15805157257_1e107456cc_kRob is filled with forgiveness for his Pacer  when he is enjoying his ride. Anyone loving cars and certainly the ones sharing the love for oddities cannot go around the AMC Pacer. Because of the looks, the car was used in movies, series and musicvideo’s many times. As “leading actor” in the movie “Wayne’s World” it gained polularity by car enthousiasts and better known by average people. Alexis Jordan was happily moved around by the characteristic AMC Pacer in the clip of his recent hit “Happiness”. Happiness is exactly Rob’s experience when traveling around in this unique vehicle.
Dennis Rietveld