28962699674_8578d96532_oflag_cinecars_dutchRowan Atkinson is one of those celebrities that likes to live his private life as far from the spotlights as possible. CineCars resident photographer Robbert Moree caught him at the Goodwood Revival.

It takes over my entire being, the photographers virus. A virus making me want something that isn’t really possible. Taking a picture of someone that isn’t available. That nice natural lighting to depict a car, while there is nothing but grey clouds or bright sunshine in stead of the natural floodlight that makes taking photographs in the morning or evening so special. Chasing after those nice interactions between people or between people and a car. All day, every day. I’m thinking images. See pictures in everything, sometimes very beautiful ones. Enormously frustrating, when you’re not carrying a camera to immortalise that one image. As far as it’s humanly possible to immortalise anything anyway.

29472522792_61bf74fe50_kLooking at it that way, the photographer is a hunter. A hunter for unique pictures. Images that surprise, that tell us a story. An object hit by sunlight for a split second, you being able to catch that moment. A car stopping next to a building at the exact right moment, or disappearing around the corner, driving on to a lane with the sun backlighting the scene. A beautiful woman looking and smiling into the camera at exactly the right time, a famous racing driver showing his face in the light at just the right moment.


28956681964_12dd4ac020_kPicture that shy movie and television celebrity, that, after waiting for days, appears in your focus looking as if he really doesn’t want to be pictured. Like with Rowan Atkinson at Goodwood. Never really in the picture and whenever he is ‘posing’ he does it in a way that doesn’t show the Atkinson that the photographer in me wants to depict. At this years Goodwood Revival the man is traceless most of the time, gets to his car at the very last moment, surrounded by a team of assistants armed with opened umbrella’s. Not something that discourages me of course. There will be that moment where Atkinson will fit in the frame. Face and all.


29472525172_8623b95688_kWell, it did take a while. It’s quite obvious that his team is being instructed to give the photographers as hard a time as possible. At Goodwood Atkinson participates in the St. Mary’s Trophy, a race for historic saloon cars. This year being Austin A30 and A35’s. Surrounded by umbrella’s he takes a seat in his car. The door still open. He sees me through the umbrella’s, asking his team to rearrange them to give him more privacy. Whilst giving instructions to one of his team members his face shows behind the door pillar for just a split second. I hit the button. Hoping the diaphragm is sufficient to get a sharp image of Atkinson. At first glance it looks ok. Editing the pictures at home prove that to be true. The hunter watching his prey with great satisfaction.
Robbert Moree