The Jaguars, (in)famous on the many tracks in the fifties and sixties of the last century. From the days when ‘winning on Sunday’ meant ‘selling on Monday’.

It was a great way to sell a lot of Jaguars, proved by the fact that many of these cars are still around. And sought after too. What the link to books might be, you ask? Well the ever popular Jaguar now rubs of on what’s on offer book wise. By accident I ran into some vintage Jaguar books. The best part of these old examples being the pictures. A lot of the original illustrations disappear in revised editions.

Jaguar, Geschichte-Technik-Sport brings you a nice oversight on the XK period, the C- and D-types with their many Le Mans victories, the fascinating E-type form the sixties and seventies and the ultimate GT-car, the XJ-S. What makes this book so special are the many technical drawings and exploded views. Alas this is no longer very common. Where the E-type gets full coverage, the XJ-S barely makes the book. It looks like the writer doesn’t really dig the model or just didn’t fancy writing about it. For those who like there XK or E-type, the book gives tons of information on the history of the models. Technical data and black and white pictures that were excluded from many of the reviewed editions and other overviews from the nineties and zero’s.
Jaguar, Geschichte-Technik-Sport. German, 442 pages, Bernard Viart and Michel Cognet, 1984, Motorbuch Verlag.

A very nice find recently was a large Jaguar collectible in British Racing green, published in 2000 and pristine in its original package still sporting the original asking price. I’d love to share the contents with you by showing you some pictures and reviewing the book, but that would mean breaking the seal. What a dilemma. The plastic stays put and I’m looking forward to see the amazed look on the face of the final buyer. A book that is still in its original packing after seventeen years, with the original asking price in Deutsch Mark still on it. Nice for auction or maybe leave it untouched for another 25 years?
Jaguar die Komplette Chronik von 1922 bis Heute. German, 460 pages, Heiner Stertkamp, 2000, Heel.

We didn’t forget the DIY artists either. Although there never was much on offer on restoring the old XK models, recently a beautifully detailed book was published on the complete restoration of a XK120. Jaguar XK DIY Restoration & Maintenance. By executing a full restoration of an XK120 a nicely detailed full colour book was created. Thirty four chapters and the cherry on the cake, a detailed cost sheet in the appendix, so any would be restorer knows what he’s in for.
Jaguar XK DIY Restoration & Maintenance. English, hard cover, 304 pages, full colour,  Bob Exelby, may 2016, Porter Press International.

Just want to relax and read about the history of the Mk1 and Mk2 Jags? Jaguar Mks 1 and 2, S-Type and 420 is the thing for you. Jaguar presented the Mk1 in 1955, with its typical Jaguar DNA is just wasn’t any ordinary saloon car. At first fitted with a 2.4 liter, the 3.4 engine was available for this sporty motor pretty soon. Not long after the introduction the Jaguar over flooded many tracks dominating the saloon car races. The Mk1 became Mk2, even more popular, hence its use as a police car as wel as the car of choice in the more recent Inspector Morse television programme. The book also covers the evolution to the 240 and 340 models, as well as the sibling Daimler V8 and the development of the S-type.
Jaguar Mks 1 and 2, S-Type and 420. English, hard cover, 176 pages, colour and black and white, James Taylor, 2016, Crowood.

Frank de Veer,
Frenky Autdokumentatie.