Lazy Sunday
Lazy SundayCineCars was warmly invited to the Coppa Classic Days in Westerlo. An invitation we lovingly transferred into a beautiful videoreport.

The Coppa Classic Days in Westerlo, central Belgium, is a relatively new event that managed to gain a central spot on the international calendar in no time. Organised by the local division of Kiwanis International, the Coppa Classic guarantees a three day event with style and class. With the Castle de Merode, originating in the late medieval period, as the magnificent decor, the driven group of people behind the Coppa Classic manage to gather a large number of great classics every year. From micro bubble to stately limousine, the most extraordinary and unique automobiles find themselves lovingly paired with their more ‘common’ contemporaries.

Lazy SundayThe grandeur of the estate kind of rubs of on the event just as much as the other way around. The location is simply stunning. Around the castle and the moat we find the sun kissed meadows packed with a wide range of classic cars. Besides the prestigious


de Merode, that concludes three days of activities with and concerning the most outrageous automobiles, on Sunday the program also treats the visitors to a 70 km ‘short tour’ and a classic car meet that easily fills the available acres. What is gathered here is way sufficient for a lovely day ‘amongst friends’.

Lazy Sunday

Lazy SundayThe reception on Castle de Merode is overwhelming. Kiwanis chairman Victor Celen welcomes us with what is left of his voice after a weekend that clearly left traces of a very successful event. Despite the fatigue we see nothing but happily smiling faces. The event is a well oiled machine and those who run the show, here in the spotlights and unseen behind the curtains, are enjoying it just as much as everybody else is. This is where we meet the true Flemish nature, hospitality and celebrating life at the most. We are introduced to Prince Simon de Merode, a young chap who, with much enthousiasm, has taken the management of the estate on his shoulders. With a wide gesture he points at the castle as his ‘classic’. This is where the conservation of heritage from such different worlds find one another seamlessly.

Lazy SundayWandering the estate through the endless rows of spotlessly polished bodywork, we find a few gems we’d love to get to know a little better. When we see the little Iso Isetta we spotted earlier bouncing down the stage ramp, we take our chance for a short interview with the owner of his extremely rare piece of heirloom. To trace the driver of the red Moretti 125S takes a little more of our patience. When he finally arrives, we do recognise Rudy immediately as one of the extra passengers that hopped on with us for a spin in Francis Fockedey’s stunning Minerva. A piece of Belgian heritage with in this particular case some Australian roots. The world is our playground. A village where in the end everyone knows everybody.

Lazy Sunday

Lazy SundayThat’s why we are glad we got to know the Coppa Classic. That we found out the people behind this fine organisation share our passion to preserve and capture this unique period in recent history. The way they do this and the many charities they support with the proceedings of this event deserve nothing but our greatest respect. The Coppa Classic Days in Westerlo, Belgium, we were honoured to be their guest!
Marc GF Zaan


This second weekend  of June the Castle de Merode in Westerlo, Belgium will once again be the venue for the fifth edition of the Coppa Classic Days. For three long days the organisation will be host to an array of the most beautiful classic cars in a magnificent Medieval decor. The CineCars team will surely be there, why don’t you too?