Jim Clark and the Hockenheimring. Two years ago CineCars visited this annual memorial at the famous racing circuit in Baden-Wurttemberg for the first time.

The Jim Clark Revival, also called the Bosch Hockenheim Historic, is a special event. We were immediately very excited about it and after a break of a year it’s time for a return visit in order to explore the spirit of the event further and illuminate it. From coming 21st to 23rd april the Hockenheimring will be completely dominated again by the smell of Castrol oil and scorched rubber. Peter Paul Keizer-Pecqueur is already eager to soak up the special atmosphere.

What is so special about this event and why you should definitely go see for yourself? Firstly Jim Clark was, and for many still is, an iconic racing driver, directly comparable with the equally legendary Ayrton Senna da Silva. Both genuine thoroughbred racers with an incredible amount of talent, courage and sense of technology. Jim Clark only started at the age of 18 in motor racing and after four years got a seat at Lotus in a Formula Junior car. That same year he already drove a F1 car. Almost immediately it was clear that Jim Clark belonged to the absolute elite, although technical failures blocked him an early victory. His real success began in Germany at the Solitude racetrack in Stuttgart and would tragically end in Germany as well, at the Hockenheimring…

Jim Clark dominated with Lotus, as actually only Ayrton Senna did in his best days at McLaren. Both drivers stroke so far above the rest that they made even the most interesting Formula 1 races seem boring. As later with Senna, the fatal accident of Jim Clark was for many people simply understandable, it was simply impossible that he came so to his end.This spirit still lives on in the Jim Clark Revival: one races with everything that has four wheels, is fast and makes real noise: from single seaters, Can Am series up to modern DTM and GT3 touring cars. Oldschool racing without commercial interests and accessible to all by low entry prices and a fully open paddock. More than enough arguments for a weekend motorsport racing of the highest caliber.

For CineCars I am again LIVE at the Hockenheimring. For a nice article and perhaps also something special. What exactly that will be, has to remain a surprise for the moment … Stay tuned!
Peter Paul Keizer-Pecqueur