Capital cars en classics-1flag_cinecars_dutchCapital Cars & Classics Amsterdam, the Grand Opening!

Everything in life starts with a first time. Today CineCars attended the première of a brand new car show. Next to the AutoRai we are glad to welcome another high level automotive event in Amsterdam; the Capital Cars & Classics Amsterdam.

Capital cars en classics-107Robert Haagsma en Rob Hoogvliet think a global city like Amsterdam deserves to have a leading event on classic and exclusive vehicles. To second that thought they’ve put their money where their mouth is. Thus the Capital Cars & Classics Amsterdam became reality. These gentleman are realistically enough not to take of on a megalomaniac scale. By kicking of on a sizeable base which for this first time they managed to fill with a very nice palet of cars, they’ve presented an event with a future.

Capital cars en classics-45For this first edition they’ve chosen a venue that comes with historic pedigree itself; the Kromhout Hall on the IJ in Amsterdam North. Once this was the factory where the Goedkoop family started building their infamous Kromhout engines in 1908. At first for marine purposes, later for cars and mainly buses and lorry’s too. After developing a brand new two stroke multi fuel engine international interest grew and a factory was needed to meet up demand. After expansion of the grounds in 1925 the IJ-side of the Kromhout Hall was built, followed in 1930 by the rest of the building. For years the site was used for building engines, buses and trucks, until in 1966, the company was taken over by Stork and the buildings than used for all kinds of industrial activity. Nowadays the old Kromhout Works is used as an event venue and makes an excellent location for this Capital Cars & Classics Amsterdam.

Capital cars en classics-5Out front we see some supercars and classics parked side by side in a typical april hale storm. A bit like Goodwood, where older cars have the right to park closer to the entrance than those modern cans. Something that may well be developed a bit further here as well. Once inside it’s hard not to notice how much more atmosphere and intimacy an old building like this adds to an event like this, compared to a large modern hall. It’s so much more attractive. Just a few yards in, our first highlight. Classic Job shows us a beautifully restored Facel Vega HK 500 next to a second example completely ‘dans son jus’. Facel guru Hans Ruhe is there to tell us everything about this infamous make of cars. The second one being quite special. It’s a 1961 HK 500 6.2 litre wedge V8, with twin carburettors, a manual gearbox and disc brakes. And it’s the last HK 500 ever built. How’s that for being special!

Capital cars en classics-16A little further down the lane we find some Dutch delight; Donkervoort. Of course they’ve put their latest creation, the D8 GTO-S, up for show. It’s looks slightly like Darth Vader. An awful lot of horses in a lightweight 700 kg disguise. These Donkervoorts are of course the ultimate toy for boys, so we asked Denis Donkervoort how many Donkervoorts had ever been ordered by women. They answer is an expected though disappointing ‘three’. Capital cars en classics-33Albeit there is a trend noticeable for Donkervoorts being ordered to suit his and her needs. Their latest model being offered with optional ABS and traction control will be no coincidence. There is another car on their stand screaming for our attention. It’s the first Donkervoort ever leaving the factory. Being number 2 on the production line, this Donkervoort has reached an age to manage turning up as a genuine barn find. This Donkervoort Seven was produced in 1978 and was discovered in a pity state only last year. The chassis needed welding and the bodywork complete renewal. What we see here looks like a brand new car. With heritage!

Capital cars en classics-23Next to these loads of Ferraris, PorschesRolls Royces, Bentley’s, Lamborghinis and other exotic cars. For the less fortunate some desirable little Beamers or a nice Volvo Amazon are on offer. For us as Jaguar aficionados a couple of beautiful fixed head E-types do the trick. Robert tells us he is very content with visitor reactions on quality and looks of the event. Capital cars en classics-76Visitors fit to what’s on offer. Traders are pleased as well. Sales are looking good or at least there are leads to further negotiations. The big blow is a 95% original pre-war Bentley changing hands for 1.4 million Euro’s. Of course there is some criticism too. There aren’t too many Porsches, like we saw at Interclassics or Techno Classica, this time it’s Ferrari that pops up a little to often. Second we’d like the balance between youngtimer/modern and real classics to weigh in a little more to the latter. That said we did thoroughly enjoy a sweet, compact venue, offering time and space for some good conversations. We for one would love to come back!

wordt cinecars reporterText and pictures:        Robbert Moree
Editor and translation:     Marc GF Zaan

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