The past twelve months CineCars experienced an amazing growth. Of reach, but in content also. The worldwide attention we get demands a global plan. CineCars without frontiers, in every possible way.

CineCars is growing rapidly. In visitor numbers, followers on social media and in substance. Starting of as a one man initiative in 2013 a lively community rose, that soon outgrow its Dutch proving ground. From Dutch media town Hilversum we now have satellite offices in Rome and Munich, who’ve become independent providers of content. With contacts in the USA, Brazil, Spain, Poland and even Abu Dhabi, we’re not afraid to call ourselves an international platform for survivors of the fossil era. CineCars, by and for genuine petrol heads.

We wrote it before, these are troublesome times for lovers of oil burning hobby’s. New developments outrun each other rapidly. Even our trusty exhaust fumes no longer smell the same. Mobility is under discussion, with an emphasis on the freedom of the individual user, what else? We at CineCars are filled to the brim with a passion for engineering. be it old fashioned or modern. We very much realise the changes can’t be stopped, just need to happen. But above all we are prone to the love for the mechanics that brought us al this freedom. Over a hundred years of automotive history that has touched all of us. Each in our own moment of time. A legacy that might not be just that obvious for generations to come.

As a community CineCars is an ever expanding collection of true enthousiasts. People that exhale petrol fumes. With a passion for automobiles that touches on the impossible. We find ourselves in creaky barns, shiny workshops, but most of all behind the wheel. We live cars, bring’em back to life, make sure they survive. What we do is preserving the legacy. We bring stories on inspired people and the amazing vehicles they cherish for the posterity. Not under a glass bell, but on the road, where they belong. The love with which they recite on form and function, on engineering and experiencing. The craftsmanship, the battle, the satisfaction. That’s what CineCars is all about.

Are you CineCars? Do you know the stories, do you live the passion? Do you love shooting video’s, taking pictures or writing stories? But above all, do you love classic motoring? We sure can use your enthusiasm, ideas and passion. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Tell us about your plans and overwhelm us with your love for our automotive heritage. Don’t forget, a platform like CineCars can only exist by the grace of its users. Whether you’re from China or another world, come join us and live the dream!
Marc GF Zaan
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