Al eerder nam Yunce ons mee naar de klassieker-scène in China: een gemeenschap die gezien de grootte van het land minuscuul klein is. Toch beweegt er van alles. In het begin van deze maand was er voor het eerst een event zoals wij ze in Nederland al jaren kennen. China Internationl Retro Car Show in Beijng. Een spektakel zoals Yunce verwoord met ‘Cars that belong to another world’. Onderstaand zijn verhaal.

11This would be the first classic car meeting or a show in China, before this, watching classic cars was only possible at a museum or a race.

Taking place on September 6th, named China International Retro Car Show was open to visitors in our capital Beijing. This time I’m not a pure visitor because my club and members cars were part of an exhibition. We bring four cars in total: a 1986 Jaguar Vanden Plas (Series III),  a 1988 Mercedes 230E Limousine (V123), made in China, a 1992 Cadillac Brougham and a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback 289. By the way, I think only a few people in Europe know there were 828 W123s made in FAW, China by CKD form.

1My clubs name Sparrow Tears means that the amount of classic cars in China is just like a drop of Sparrow Tears, but after all, sparrows don’t cry too much, you know that. Now we have a little more than ten cars. All of them are in good condition, except the Mustang. The owner just purchased it in the US and it’s being under total restoration.

So apart of us there were about 70 cars in total. The situation is a bit complex. You will see a 1959 Caddy beside a Citroën CX25 Prestige, which belongs to another world. Why won’t we see it as Chinese Characteristics? I mean, there are not so much retrocars or petrolheads around us, so every body bring them lovers to this golden meeting. Yes, almost all in Beijing area, we’ve already more than 50 enthusiasts.

There were so many visitors and that’s far more than my estimate. That’s a really encouragement for us. The founder claimed that next meeting will hold next spring! Although, I’m a staff, but I’m between the visitors all day. I find something that not so surprised, when people saw these strange cars, their first action is to photograph the cars, and upload the photos to the internet. Some of them have the interests to see the introduction of cars. They could say “good, brilliant, cool!”, but they don’t want to know more about it. Such as where it is the car from or what management did the owner do to restore the car.

25That’s the situation we’re in now. We try to spread the culture, but we don’t have a big audience. People always say that they love cars, but actually they only like the newest ones. Luckily,we have our own meeting. And that will continue.

from China
Yunce Liang

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