Capital Cars & Classics is trying to put Amsterdam on the map as the Dutch capital of classic cars. Martin Philippo went there to check it out and report.

For the second time Capital Cars & Classics transform the Amsterdam Kromhout hall into a unique location for their event. In the magnificent vintage factory a large number of vendors present their exotic and classic vehicles underneath the well chosen lighting. The event never gives the feeling to be over crowded, hence giving us the space to walk around the cars and admire them from close range. There truly is something here for everyone. From the endearing NSU Prinz up to an amazing Bizzarini. What a monster of a car! A lot of Porsches obviously, but for those fancying a vintage racing car to compete on Goodwood there is this beautiful French blue Talbot Lago on offer.

All of a sudden there it is; the Renault 5 Turbo 2. A true eighties icon. Turbo engineering made a rapid ascent, not just boosting engines, but as a synonym for the word power. It brought us turbo vacuum cleaners, turbo kitchen utensils and even turbo language. These were the days where ridiculous wasn’t bonkers enough in the car industry. Manufacturers fitted large plastic bumpers, wings and spoilers. Huge wheel arches had to house large alloy wheels. That’s when Renault introduced the 5 Turbo.

The steroid version of the small member of the family. Based on the original Renault 5, the trendsetting hatchback that had been in Renaults catalog since the early seventies, they developed a rear wheel drive mid engined rally car. The 3000 street legal versions they needed for homologation sold in no time. It was, next to Pamela Anderson, the wet dream of every young lad. Including yours truly. To see one of these beefed up Renaults here on sale sure brings back memories! I’m not even asking for the price, knowing the contents of my wallet won’t be sufficient by far. Cars like these have their downsides.

Still day-dreaming I follow my path through the event. On the windscreen of a beautiful, rare Aston Martin Zagato I see a ‘sold’ sign. Business as usual. There is also car related lifestyle a plenty. One firm offering genuine traveling cases, like the ones used in the days traveling by car was still a true adventure. An artist shows his work, magnificent paintings with, what else, the car as his muse. Suixtil shows their classic line of racing garments and I spot a display of truly gorgeous wristwatches. Everything looks beautiful, even the ladies at the coffee stand are a treat. Visiting ladies sport luscious hats, the accompanying gentlemen wear pullovers and pleated trousers.

The organisation clearly managed to match the success of last years debut. The Netherlands have gained a successful event for sure. Like last year we can end our story by writing: To be continued!
Martin Philippo