flag_cinecars_dutchCineCars produces films,articles and photo shoots of iconic classic cars and events. CineCars is also a big passionate international community on the Internet and numerous social media.

CineCars gives companies the opportunity to advertise on the website, with banners, photo reports, articles and our films.

Let’s make a film about your garage or collection or about your special customers or event. You can also participate as a sponsor in one of our productions or create a production with us around your product.

A CineCars film is published on the CineCars website and is easy to publish on your own website by the YouTube enbedding code. YouTube viewers can also be achieved by many other automotive websites and blogs that post our films frequently.

Each CineCars film is accompanied by press release, newsletter and promoted by social media  by us to reach a large and topic interested audience.

Please contact us for more information about coverage and rates through the contact form or email info@cinecars.nl

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