Every year Circuit Zandvoort is the battleground for the British Race Festival. Together with the Fight Cancer Foundation, the Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club fights its own battle.

Whenever CineCars is out on a mission, we are looking for that one outstanding participant, that special automobile, or that heroic story. During this years British Race Festival at Circuit Zandvoort we were triggered by a very intriguing way of celebrating ‘a day at the races’. Like every year a large slice of the programme here at Zandvoort is in the hands of the Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club. Their motto ‘a nice drive amongst nice people’ always assures an amicable weekend. A large gazebo protects the pre-war classics from the elements, creating a cozy atmosphere for the members. All weekend long the everyday sorrow is put aside to enjoy days filled with gasoline fumes, tech talk and the odd run around the track. It isn’t all fun and games for the ladies and gentlemen of the DVSCC though. They do care about the more serious aspects of life. Their weekend is mainly about fundraising for the Fight Cancer Foundation and KiKa, the Cancer Free Children Foundation.

Fight Cancer is a young and well, quite quirky foundation for and by young adults. Their goal: Raising funds for KWF Kankerbestrijding, the Dutch central cancer awareness foundation. Their motto ‘Love Life, Fight Cancer’ is far more serious than the former. Mainly because it shows that the fight against cancer can result in more lives saved by them inspiring people to join in. The funds they raise help financing scientific research and campaigns to prevent cancer. The Fight Cancer campaigns have a very special character. They really do attract attention. They are so full of life. They simply emphasize on the will to live so many patients suffering from cancer still have, by willingly linking them to live itself. To healthy activities. To fight a battle together. Against each other, the elements, and oh yes, that horrible disease every single one of us will have to (help) conquer one day

Like ‘Swim to Fight Cancer’, a recreational swimming event held in several inner cities, raising over 250.000 Euro’s. And that’s just one of many activities. These young people do bring a necessary new elan to fighting the uneven battle against cancer. The DVSCC understands this like no other. That’s why, together with Circuit Zandvoort, they don’t just give attention to this very charity, they do put the money where their mouth is as well. That’s how a nice track weekend becomes a noble deed. For the small amount of 50 Euro’s, guests can join the members of the DVSCC for a drive around the track in one of the pre-war classics. A chance of a lifetime and a nice gift to life at the same time. Monique Hoep, spouse and mother of the Hoep-clan we encountered before here at Cinecars, is selling Teddy Bears at the DVSCC gazebo. The funds she raises are all for the KiKa fund, fighting the battle for children with cancer. With enthousiasm she tells us every single member of the DVSCC has already bought one. Quite obvious, since there are bears on every single car here. Luckily the Zandvoort audience recognises the need to support her case, since she is almost sold out completely.

An extraordinary tale? Yes, we think so. A necessary tale to say the least. In our world of classic cars we all know the stories of unexpected body rot. Of well executed restorations and less fortunate surprises. Alas we all realise the human body is a complex piece of machinery too. A contraption that sometimes, out of the blue, starts to malfunction. Ever so often, through the aid of so many, it can be saved from destruction, but way to often we need to say our final goodbye’s to loved ones that didn’t survive the unequal battle against this terrible disease. That’s why!
Martin Philippo