It was announced already, our CineCars delegate in Germany had great plans for a weekend at the Hockenheimring. Well, how he fared there you read below.

Fully packed we leave on Friday on the way to the Hockenheimring for a weekend hard-core motorsport at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic / Jim Clark Revival 2017. The plan to arrive in style with a Lotus Elise has to be postponed, our luggage just doesn´t fit. Due to heavy traffic and several road traffic accidents, the journey takes a lot more than planned, so we only arrive at the circuit on Friday three o´ clock. We go straight to the Ernst Wilhelm Sachs Haus, the press centre, to sign up. Outside, one is racing already full blast, high time to examine it more closely.

After looking up and greeting a number of acquaintances, we explore by BMX the paddock. What a beautiful racing cars everywhere, really incredible. Whether it’s a FIA Lurani Trophy monoposto, a classic Lotus Formula 2, a Lotus Exige Cup, the Zakspeed Ford Capri, the BMW M1 Procars, a Kremer Porsche 935 from the YTTC or the Toro Rosso STR1 from the BOSS GP. They all look great and you can watch and listen without barriers everywhere. The presence of the BOSS GP means there is no dB limit for this race weekend. So there is plenty of sound to enjoy on and off track. The camera has no break anymore. We visit the Jim Clark exhibition again and meet a Swiss entrepreneur, who will re-launch the special Gallet Indy 500 watch from 1965, which Jim Clark wore during his races. Meanwhile it’s 19:00 and it’s also getting quiet at the Hockenheimring. Time for some special photos and a well-deserved sleep.

Onboard 1972 Pantera

Saturday we stand up early again to take pictures with first daylight and explore the track. We choose the Boxengasse, Spitzkehre and Motodrom as best locations and commute continuously up and down throughout the day. The serene silence is in total contrast to the turmoil, which will come back when the engines will be started. The weather is less good than yesterday and there even threatens a wet race for the BOSS GP. However, Pluvius is friendly to us and there only come a couple spatters from heaven. As people race flat out again, there are also collateral damages. Here and there one must work hard to get the damaged race cars going again. An appointment is made with the Lotus dealer in the paddock for a test drive in their specially tweaked Exige 350 Sport. This way we can still experience the Lotus feeling and translate it on pics. Saturday night there is a good party on the roof of the paddock and keep hanging there until it closes with an extremely strong version of the TNT of AC / DC.

Sunday we decide to relax and enjoy the ride with the Exige. The brand new Lotus is slightly modified and after a brief explanation we get behind the wheel. This is real go-kart-style driving. No electronics and other useless gadgets: 1100 kg, sound 350 bhp, 410 Nm torque, 6-speed manual and a heavy AP Racing brake kit. We do not want to exit the car anymore, and knock it down to Monte Carlo straight away. Unfortunately, that is not allowed. Not yet. This car is just a real supercar killer and that for the price of a ‘neat’ Cayman S. Of course, we also visit the Jim Clark Memorial and, finally, the award ceremony, the real podium and also the signature session of former F1 Lotus racing driver Martin Donnelly. It has been a fantastic race weekend with enormous intensity and diversity. Of course we are already looking forward to the next race event. For now have fun watching the pictures!
Peter Paul Keizer-Pecqueur