img_1157flag_cinecars_dutchCar manufacturer BMW does exist 100 years in 2016. To celebrate they invited every BMW-club world wide for a three day party in hometown Munich.

BMW is strongly connected to the city of Munich, the town where the company was founded and where it developed into a conglomerate with customers and enthousiasts all over the world. To celebrate their hundred year anniversary, BMW chose the second weekend of September to join past and future right here in Munich. ‘The Next 100 Years’ is a three day long festival celebrating BMW’s confident look into the future. Together with the Dutch Classic BMW Club, Marcel Winkelman went to Munich to watch, listen and enjoy.


img_1138BMW went all the way to welcome its guest to an unforgettable weekend. Munich living up to its reputation as the ‘most northern Italian town’. We enjoy magnificent weather, a very agreeable atmosphere, beautiful conversations, excellent food and drink and of course an array of modern and classic BMW’s. The party takes place at the Olympiapark, where the 1972 Olympics were held. The characteristic see through tent like roofs of the buildings are still very impressive. BMW used this background in their commercial pictures in the seventies and eighties. Pictures that are etched into the collective memory. The Olympiapark is situated nearby the so called ‘Stammwerk’. Next to that we find the ‘concerncentrale’, the BMW museum and the experience and delivery center BMW Welt. Together more than enough space and potential to host a grand 100 year BMW party.


img_1439When a make like BMW invites enthousiast from all over the world, you just know you won’t be the only one there. The lively clubscene gathered in Munich from all over the globe. To see and to be seen. To show the most extravagant vehicles, to watch everything that is on offer. Be it automotive, but musical and culinary as well. Imagine enjoying a presentation on Elvis Presley’s BMW 507, that’s when all these ingredients come together. The car, hot rodded in the sixties, ‘Detroit Iron’ and all, was shipped back to Germany in a very sorry state. After an elaborate factory restoration it was re-united with an original BMW 3.2 liter V8.


img_1349That’s just one of the many unforgettable stories at this magnificent celebration. A celebration that made us renew our acquaintance with Munich, Bavaria and the enormous versatility of BMW. Three days long we lived the life and world of ‘our’ infamous brand. Enjoyed places we only knew from the folders, views that did nothing but bring back memories. Memories of one big joined factor, the love for BMW.

Text and pictures: Marcel Winkelman