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Today the Jax in Team Ajax tried her hand at wrestling the nearly 40 year old MGB with no power steering on the continuous switchbacks in the mountains …I know what you are thinking… but we improved TWO places!!

20151014_085124Yes the only lady driving in the Rally did better than I did. To make matters worse it was my fault we didn’t do better on the one section she let me drive. I thought we were finished with the last special section because we passed an official timer and so a little later I stopped to take photos…what a dope.

There was a test section inside of the the special section. As I happily took snaps of the fantastic landscape the Red Devil Alfa team ambled by, racing is not really accurate since most special sections have speeds of 38km/h, with Antonious wildly gesturing and shouting to me to drive like hell to get me back to exactly a minute in front of him.

20151014_113145Embarrassing to both myself and poor Jax with my goofy tourist photo stop.
At the least the photos are great…I better let her drive the rest of the rally.

The antics of all the teams continued with our friends Miltos and Petros in the BMW four door sedan stopping to pick up two backpackers hitchhiking. I am sure their being comely young French women in shorts had nothing to do with it. When I had suggested to Jax that we could pick them up as we passed them she replied without missing a shift that of course we could…”We just have to kick you and your suitcase out.”

20151014_150543~2Spectacular highlights of our drive from sea to mountains to sea was the scenery as we moved from our seaside Lazareto Hotel in Monemvasia up to the charming Kosmas Village above the clouds for lunch and down along the coast for 60km to the stunning Nafplia Palace Hotel above Nafplio and the harbor.

When ever we end up next to the sea in such a beautiful part of the world I have to wonder why people would want to live anywhere else.

In the sleepy mountain eyrie of  Kosmas we sat with the Red Devil Team and the new French-Greek team and had some great Greek coffees which is super strong and usually heated by very hot sand while it is stirred. At the suggestion of the waiter Jax and I had the Greek version of a crepe, filo dough stuffed with fresh picked spinach and mountain herbs and cheese.

20151014_160245~3The owner of the small café was a bit grumpy with all of the sudden commotion of the Rally descending on her café but broke into a beatific smile when I told her these were the best spinach pies we had eaten in all of Greece.

This raises an interesting point for people hesitant about visiting Greece, even in the very remote villages all over Greece nearly everyone speaks excellent English making it very easy to travel all over Greece.

The tiny white topless Austin Healey Sprite of Dimitrios and Glykeria moved into third place over all while the Red Devil Alfa maintained second place behind the now somewhat suspicious, bigger on the inside than the outside, Mini Cooper in first who won the tour last year. Georgios and Konstantinos are both over 6′ 2″ but manage to fold themselves into the Cooper.

Score: 10th place; 5 New Friends.