The love for classic cars goes hand in hand with some kind of nostalgic desire. Because a working memory isn’t always obvious, Niko Bloemendal joined the Alzheimer Rally 2018.

Historic rallies and charities, they always turn out a good combination. Around the world, classic cars are being rallied for charity. Sometimes local, sometimes abroad. Single day events, but more often up to week long challenges. The main goal, everybody raises money for the chosen cause. Super good, because charities do need these kind of events to raise funds. The things organizations like these accomplish are often way beyond the goals of other events. They put in an enormous effort to raise as much money as possible. Where a lot of these events do very well when they raise 10.000 euro or more, they fade away compared to the Alzheimer Rally. Year after year the organization of this unforgettable event, yes, the pun is intended, manage to top the amount of money they raised last year. This year a whopping 75.000 euro is being transferred to the VUMC Alzheimer Center’s account. How amazing is that? This and all the other organizations putting in the effort to help their fellow human beings do deserve a standing ovation at all times.

Don’t forget the participants, just looking at the cars listed, you get an immediate urge to stand up on those bleachers again. Once more, a unique spread of classics is waiting for you. Many of the equipes preparing for the annual Tulip Rally are departing in this rally as well and they are quite numerous. And what about the people preparing for the 1000Miglia? Yes, they need to prepare too. No less than 42 prewar vehicles are pre-registered for the event. Alas, really old cars like these do proof to be a little less reliable, or harder to keep going. Don’t forget parts for cars like these usually aren’t shelf items any more. In the end some 30 prewar vehicles make it to the start, while some of the participants are left behind with mechanical issues. Luckily the remainder of the grand total of 161 equipes that registered for this years Alzheimer Rally leaves you enough to enjoy.

There is an impressive amount of Bentleys present at the start. A 3/8 Racer, a Blower Le Mans Special, a 4.5 Litre Blower, a Speed Six and not one, but several Derby’s. And what to think of an Alvis Silver Eagle Special, or a Mercedes Benz 500K type C? In short, the prewar line up is impressive on its own, but there are of course more ‘modern’ classic gems as well. What about a Siata Fiat 1100 103 GT, a Lancia Flavia Vignale, a works Austin Healey SM0745, a magnificent white MG B GT V8 or that impressive Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III. There are so many, they are so beautiful. Although a context like this screams for another pun, I will retain myself. In the end, the pictures do tell it all. So it’s high time we showed you the images. Enjoy.
Niko Bloemendal