A 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT. Now that is a car we would like to know a little more about before it changes hands.

‘The family unanimous declared me a raving lunatic, Alfa Romeo, that’s no car for common people like us.’ Kees de Winter never took their remarks very seriously. After not having owned a car for over sixteen years, he bought a used Alfetta at a local garage. Once that bridge had been crossed, there was no way back. An Alfa 33 followed, another Alfetta and, the fairest of them all, the Alfetta GT. An original Dutch car in stunning Biancospino (hawthorn blossom white). The Alderman’s car now belonged to Kees and it would stay for eighteen years.


In 1974 the Alfa Romeo Alfetta is unleashed at the public. A sharply designed three box saloon hiding a completely new technical layout underneath the rather anonymous bodywork. The characteristic Alfa twin cam engine is now mated with an all new transaxle gearbox between the rear wheels. This gives the car optimal weight distribution, resulting in a very sporty as well as reliable roadholding. Its sportiness only really comes to terms when the Alfetta GT is introduced. A three door coupé that has exactly the appearance to meet the Alfetta’s performance. The saloon might have disappeared into oblivion by now, the seductive looks of the Alfetta GT have become part of our collective memory.

Those first years Kees de Winter’s Alfetta GT was used as a daily driver. Although by then the car was already over twenty years old, it still proved to be a nice reliable motorcar. Later, when more modern cars had taken over the favorite position on the driveway, the Alfetta was thoroughly overhauled. All technical bits got the revision they needed and the bodywork was repainted top to bottom. And, this must be said, there was no rot found whatsoever. Something still looked upon quite doubtful at parties in the De Winter family. It just proves once and for all that with the right care even the most horrible of reputations can be dealt with.

We will nog put an age on it, but today Kees de Winter has been married for 48 years. By that time there comes a moment when you realise you own a collection of classic cars that is hardly used. You’re favourite coupé so low that inadvertently you’ve been grabbing for the keys of a more comfortable car. The Alfetta GT is the last one to give way. And it hurts, although there is faith in a bright future. This is not a car that should sit in a garage, this is a car that should be driven! Kees doesn’t say goodbye to Alfa Romeo. With a friend he still visits the events of the Dutch Alfa Romeo Enthousiasts Club. Today they enter with a ‘brand new’ Alfa 33 they imported from Piemonte themselves.

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Marc GF Zaan