When Winning Matters

De rijke en sportieve historie van Abarth is zeer eigenzinnig en heeft altijd de focus op snelheid en autosport gehad. Het is daarom ook niet verwonderlijk dat dit ook de passie van Guy is.


La Bombe Citroën

Harry Martens uit Limmen is het soort autoliefhebber dat altijd een stapje vooruit denkt. Begonnen als hobby runt hij HML Transmission Repair.

Le Pantere della Polizia Italiana

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Train of Thoughts

Over fifty years ago, the Alps were a seemingly impregnable obstacle for any ordinary family car. There were no long tunnels bypassing the steep passes, people traveled by Auto Train instead.

Old Friends

Robbert visited the Beaulieu Autojumble in the United Kingdom and got face to face with a reality check. Stroll along the endless paths of the worlds most famous autojumble.

International Enterprise

Italian manufacturer of two, three and four wheeled transportation, Piaggio, has entered a joint venture with the Chinese Foton Group. Bound for a bright future.

The Iso Rivolta Chronicles

Gran Turismo all’Italiana

Iso Rivolta. Maybe not the most well known Italian sports car manufacturer, but no less exotic for that. Brute force and haute couture. Beauty and beast without the sticky Disney sauce.

Jouw auto op cinecars

Two sides of the coin

In 1953 General Motors introduced two sporty vehicles that each in their own league became legends. Alongside the Cadillac Eldorado, the ultimate luxury cruiser, the exciting Chevrolet Corvette aimed at the young of heart.