Smooth as butter

A young bloke earning his living in the classic car scene, what kinda car would fit to that? Mark Reus is selling his classic car insurance business from behind the wheel of a Volvo 850 T-5R.


Mille Miglia 2014 | Wat een Feest

Waarom rij je 3500 km in 5 dagen om oude auto's te zien rijden? Knettergek. Zelfs mijn eigen vrouw verklaart me voor gek. Mensen en auto's daar draait het bij de Mille Miglia om.

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Top 10 Craziest Cars Ever

You may think that these cars only exist in the movies, but that is not the case! In real life there are a lot of strangely weird and wonderful cars developed and produced. Our classic car auctioneers have put together a list of some of the most craziest and unbelievable cars ever made.

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Train of Thoughts

Over fifty years ago, the Alps were a seemingly impregnable obstacle for any ordinary family car. There were no long tunnels bypassing the steep passes, people traveled by Auto Train instead.

Two sides of the coin

In 1953 General Motors introduced two sporty vehicles that each in their own league became legends. Alongside the Cadillac Eldorado, the ultimate luxury cruiser, the exciting Chevrolet Corvette aimed at the young of heart.

Best of CC – Driving Queen Mary

The nickname of the car in this video might well be as legendary as the car itself. The true enthousiast immediately knows we are talking about the Ferrari 365 GT 2+2.

International Enterprise

Italian manufacturer of two, three and four wheeled transportation, Piaggio, has entered a joint venture with the Chinese Foton Group. Bound for a bright future.


Concorde op wielen

Je kan de Citroën CX vergelijken met de Concorde. Behalve dat ze met hun gestrekte vorm en scherp gesneden neus in de verte op elkaar lijken, zijn het vooral tijdgenoten.

Jouw auto op cinecars

The Iso Rivolta Chronicles